About LPG Auto Conversions

We are a small family run business, operating from a purpose built workshop in the South East of England. All our Staff are fully trained and regularly attend training courses. Our Workshop Manager has over 35 years experience in the motor trade and uses the latest 'high tech' facilities to ensure that all work is of the highest calibre and during any servicing, we can pinpoint any fault within the shortest possible time.

We are South East Kents approved fitters of the Zavoli LPG Conversion Systems. This system is homologated in compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel systems (67R01) and (R110) and keeps emissions well within the limits established by the strictest standards (EURO 4).

Over the past few years Zavoli Equipment has built itself a reputation for quality and reliability, so much so that it is now widely regarded as the best AEB based system currently available.

First LPG SupercarThe first LPG powered, Supercar the £90,000 440bhp Breckland Beira chose to use the AEB based Zavoli system as a result of extensive system to system testing program. Zavoli is also the only AEB system which has met and exceeded the emission, fuel economy and quality requirement for the Energy Savings Trust Powershift Register passing with ground breaking Euro 6 emissions.

Recent development has seen the Zavoli system become the only LPG system approved by Nissan Infiniti in Italy for fitment to their cars without affecting the manufactures warranty.

At LPG Auto Conversions, we believe that a properly trained installer is one of the most important aspects of a good LPG conversion. All to often these days training seems to consist of two hours looking at a computer screen and the new installer is left to figure the rest of the installation process for themselves, this is why our fitters have been on one of the industries most complete training packages.

All our installers have completed a specialist 3-5 day UKLPG Code of Practice 11 Training course held at the UKLPG Approved Training School - one of only five in the country. Our installer is then flown to Cesena, Northern Italy where they complete their training at the Zavoli International Training School.