The LPG Auto Conversions - Guide to an Autogas system

A tank constructed from steel is fitted in the boot. It is fitted with a multi function valve. This unit comprises of a fuel gauge, a pressure relief valve, excess flow valve and various shut off valves. It is filled via a filling point located usually at the rear of the vehicle.

The gas in liquid form is carried through plastic coated copper pipes to the front of the car. Here it goes through a filter and than to the vapouriser. At this point it is converted to a gas ready for use by the engine.

The flow of gas to the engine is controlled by an e.m.u . (electronic management unit). This unit works alongside the car's own e.c.u. constantly monitoring the exhaust emissions and adjusting the gas supply accordingly. This unit is self learning and adapts to different drivers and road conditions automatically.

A switch on the dashboard allows you to select the option of running on gas or petrol.

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