LPG Conversion ECU


Zavoli are able to offer a wide range of kits suitable for converting any kind of vehicle. In technical terms, the advantage of using kits is that all that the customer needs for the conversion (from the main parts all the way down to the simplest components) is contained in a single package.

The direct injection systems Alisei Zeta, Alisei Mir and the newborn sequential injection systems Alisei Direct and Alisei Direct CNG, especially their strategy, are based on a software structure of physical type, which eases the calculation of gas injection times and it is able to achieve the best tune in every condition of engine running.

The water temperature probe installed on the regulator sends a petrol/gas flow signal after engine start – which, among other things, is a function of the time elapsed after engine start and of engine RPM. The system also includes troubleshooting features and automatically switches to petrol in case of faults (switch-back), storing the component fault to the system memory. Control units available in two versions for 3-4, 5-6-8 cylinder engines.